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YOUR DETAILSFirst things first. Lets get your contact details.

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Here are some examples:  
  - Create awareness about organisation or brand 
  - Generate online sales for product or event
  - Raise donations 
  - Build an online community
  - Build a repository for resources and materials

Do you have a specific deadline for this project? 

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Thinking about your current site, what do you dislike or what doesn't work?

Is there anything you like about your current site and want to keep?

Let me know for example, if you intend to use existing content.

I will work closely with you to match your business goals to website functionality, but you might already have your own ideas.
Please tick any specific requirements you may already have:

Do you need a content management system (CMS)?

A CMS allows you to update the site yourself.

Does the site need to be integrated with any other software/applications?


If you know what sections/pages your website will have, please list them below. 

For example, About Us, News, Contact, etc.
Do you need data imported into your new site?

If so, where from?
Do you need help writing and/or proofing content?


Do you have a logo or any other branding?

Do you have images available to use on the website?

Do you need help finding stock photography?

Please give details of any website styles you like, that are relevant to this project.


Skip this section If you don't intend to sell online.
Are you planning to do online sales? If so, what is the product?

If selling online, roughly how many items will you offer?

Are you already set up to accept PayPal/credit cards? 

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Please outline any security and accessibility standards that need to be met.

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Please outline any specific browsers or devices the website must be compatible with. 

Skip this question if you're unsure.

Do you require site monitoring & advanced search engine optimisation?

For example, Google Webmasters & Analytics, Pingdom, Bing Webmasters. These services will improve your search engine rankings and monitor your web traffic.

Do you need social media accounts set up and profiles designed?

What is expected in terms of support after the site goes live?


If you have a budget in mind, please let me know. I quote honestly, based on the time it will take me to do the job right. Telling me your budget will help me to assess what can and cannot be accomplished.
What's your budget is for this project? *


Are you relying on funding for this project?

Is this project dependent on any other factors?


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